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Bakos Dorottya,
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» Demonstration Sites » Ethnographic Village Museum
Ethnographic Village Museum

The Ethnographic Village Museum in the town center of Ócsa is the best starting point for any tours. There you can experience the atmosphere of the ancient times and gain all information about Ócsa and its surroundings. It has a rich collection on furniture, clothes and tools of cultivation and traditional crafts.

Follow the red tourist sign along the edge of the town, walk by bog meadows, and find the Protestant Graveyard with carved wooden grave markers from the 18th century where you return to the inhabited area. Follow the road towards Inrács and visit the cellars at Öreg-hegy, which is situated where the moorland meets the dry sandy flatland. The cellars are carved into the ground and covered with a special thatched, gabled roof. Leaving from the Ethnographic Museum walk down Dr. Békési Panyik Andor street, pass several bog meadows and forests and arrive to the starting point of the Selyem-réti Nature Trail. The trail takes you through a beautiful alder bog and it ends in a playground and rest area with shelters and fire places.

Further information:
Address: 2364 Ócsa, Dr. Békési Panyik Andor u. 4-6.

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